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Bought a king bed frame from Ashley. Delivery set-up seemed to go OK.

After a couple of nights on the bed, my wife noticed bed was caving in the middle. She contacted Mattress Firm who immediately sent out replacement mattress and box. During replacement, Mattress Firm staff noticed the frame had not been put together correctly, no internal supports for wood slats were installed. An OBVIOUS omission not communicated to us.

Mortified, we called Ashley management and customer service to convey our dismay and get the missing frame pieces as soon as possible. First, we were told the missing parts would be delivered the next day. When that did not happen, we called management who assured us parts would be delivered the next day. When that did not happen, we were told the parts were not on hand and would not be for 2 to 4 weeks.

Mind you the missing parts are not unique and would be used on most beds sold at Ashley. Frustrated we called Sam Levitz (own Ashley) management to convey our experience and get assistance. Their response was delivery of missing parts would be in a week - or we could drive to their warehouse (30 miles from our house) to pick up. Next call was back to Ashley to senior management who agreed the parts were on hand in large numbers and would provide to Sam Levitz where we could pick up - much closer but still not the best response from a customer service stand point.

Summation: worst customer service experience. Encourage all who need furniture to consider the experiences from others in their decision making.

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